Motivational Speaker

Engaging, Authentic, & Contagiously Optimistic

Roxanne challenges audiences to break free from self-doubt and experience a more fulfilling life through the practice of mindfulness. She brilliantly captures your attention with her humor and relatable storytelling, while providing actionable strategies for personal and professional growth. 

In 2021, Roxanne traded in her career with the U.S. federal government for a full-time commitment to her coaching practice and new ventures in Ghana, West Africa. As a half Ghanaian and half African American woman, Roxanne brings a unique perspective on overcoming prejudice and establishing a healthy sense of self. 

She graciously shares her well-earned wisdom with audiences who, in turn, applaud her empathy, authenticity, and contagious optimism. When not speaking or coaching, Roxanne can be found moonlighting as a singer and songwriter.

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